Box Score Art

Statistical Sports Art

A New Perspective on Sports Fandom


The Idea

Box Score Art's mission is to visualize the underlying beauty in sports statistics.  We use raw data and team colors to commemorate your favorite sports memories and bring deeper meaning to historic games, seasons, and careers.

We're all proud of  our favorite teams' successes, and our wall art posters let you show your fandom in a creative, modern way.

Style & Quality

Our wall art posters are printed on high-quality stock with super-saturated colors that create a bold impression on your wall.

All posters feature a key explaining the process used to develop the image and extra notable facts on the season.


How It's Made

Once a game or season is complete, we load the score and any important stats into a spreadsheet and calculate a single formula that can be translated into each box.

From there, the colors of the opposing teams are laid out on a spectrum and the shade of color corresponding to the calculated formula is selected. We then repeat the process a hundred or so times and end up with a Box Score poster.

We're always working on new posters and want to make sure your favorite teams a represented.

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